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Lime improved its ratings in October, to become the top rated micromobility app (4.85/5) – a title shared by Bird and Lime in September. Bird and Voi hold the second and third spot with 4.84 and 4.83 respectively. Change in overall satisfaction remained stable similar to previous months, with Lime and Neuron Mobility improving their ratings by 0.3% and 0.2% respectively while Wind and South America based Grin dropping by 0.6%.

Industry average improved by 0.01, from 4.78 to 4.79 out of 5.

Micromobility Industry average App Store rating: 4.79/5

In the newly opened UK market, Voi and Lime are the top rated (4.9/5) followed by Tier and Ginger (4.8/5).

The total number of app store reviews dropped in October, by 45% compared to September numbers. Dott saw the biggest growth in activity (99%), followed by Neuron Mobility (42%).

Overall five operators, Lime, Bird, Spin, Grin, and Voi, accounted for more than 90% of all international app store reviews last month. Lime had the highest number of ratings (57%).

Lime was also the most-reviewed app in several key markets, including the US, Germany, France and Italy. Voi saw the highest review activity in its home country, Sweden with a massive lead of 60.3% compared to Lime’s 13.8%). In Belgium, Dott reclaimed the the top spot from Lime (75% vs 12.5%). In France, Lime was the most reviewed (40.2%), closely followed by Dott (32.7%).

In October, the number of App Store reviews remained above January levels for more than half of the tracked operators. Total number of reviews of Voi and Bird were up 43% and and 28%, compared to their January baselines. Lime’s total reviews have been steadily recovering from April bottom, closing October at 36% above its January benchmark. Grin’s app store reviews are still down by 98%, ending last in the list. Grin will continue to stay at these levels until there is significant improvement in the current COVID19 situation in South America. Tier, as in previous months, is way ahead of other operators, closing October at with 297% more reviews compared to January.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a scoring system for quantifying customer loyalty. Companies generally calculate NPS by asking customers to rate their level of satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10. 

In a similar manner, App Stores ask their users to rate their level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5.

Typically, on a 0 to 10, those who respond 9 or 10 are considered “promoters,” or enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others; those who respond 7-8 are considered “passives,” customers who are satisfied but not overly enthusiastic; and those who respond 6 or less are considered “detractors,” or unhappy customers who could hurt the brand through negative reviews. 

To calculate NPS for the scooter apps, I applied the following method, trying to replicate the classic scoring system. 

  • Promoters (5)
  • Passives (4)
  • Detractors (1-3)

Click here to read more on the methodology.

In October, Lime continued to retain the top spot with a NPS score of 91.69, followed by Bird (89.97). Voi (87.82) overtook Beam to claim the third spot.

Although Lime ranked the best globally, in some key European markets, local players scored higher in customer experience. In some of the largest markets in Europe like Germany and France and Italy, Voi had a higher NPS than Lime. On the contrary, in Sweden, both Bird and Lime scored higher than their European rivals. Lime led in the U.S (94), Spain (88), Portugal (90), New Zealand (92), South Korea (87) as well as Australia (93). Both in Australia, South Korea and New Zealand, smaller rival Beam is closing in on Lime with an NPS score of 92, 84 and 91 respectively. In UK, Lime took the top spot (93), closely followed by Voi (92).

Micromobility Industry average App Store based NPS Score: 88.8

User Reported Issues

Going through all user-reported issues from 150+ app stores, most comments from May fall into the following categories:

  • App Issue
  • Scooter Issue
  • Overcharging
  • Cost
  • Unable to Start Ride
  • Unable to End Ride
  • Customer Support

App Issue – 41%: Similar to the previous months, issues with the apps were the most reported, but dropped from 55% in September to 41% in October. Users reported trouble with signup, payment setup and annoying notifications among other things. Here are some of illustrative or interesting user comments:

All issues with Lime app summed up by a user:

This is a terribly designed app, to the point that it feels on purpose to get a little extra money out of you. 
1. No instructions when you open the app on how to use it. 
2. Scanning the scooter kept returning me to the main screen with no error message so I had no idea what I was doing wrong. 
3. Once I figured out it was because my Wallet was empty, I loaded $15, thinking I was getting the day pass/price. 
4. I paused my scooter at one point, but once again, it got stuck on 'Unlocking' with no error message as to what was wrong (this is when I clued in I did not choose the day pass, because my wallet was empty again). 
(5. Turns out the day pass option is under an entirely different area than My Wallet!) 
6. I then purchased the day pass, but in fine print it says after 30mins it starts charging by the minute. WHY IS THIS IN FINE PRINT?!?! 
7. What's the point of loading my wallet in the first place if it can just auto-load whatever funds it needs with no warning or approval from me if I go over?? 
8. I contacted the Lime help team who refunded the latter $15, but in the end, I was still charged $34 total b/c I didn't know I was initially running my scooter per the minute OR that it auto-loaded extra funds, when it was my intent - as a first-time excited rider - to buy the day pass all along. There is no excuse for such a bad app design.

Lime has not fixed issues with day and monthly passes yet, though these issues are being reported regularly by users in the last months.

Few Bird users reported a strange “Developer Error” in October:

Get an error message every time Ive tried to use a scooter in the past week. Customer support is of no help whatsoever. "Unexpected developer error" when I try to reserve a scooter or use one. Every. Single. Time. Switching to Lime or Roll, hopefully their apps arent as buggy.

Multiple Android users reported frequent crashes on the Tier App

The app keeps crashing. I'm not even able to make an account
Keeps quitting wont let me set up an account

With operators implementing ID verification to have quality, verified users, some of them did not appreciate this additional step. Here is a comment from a Voi user:

Not intuitive. Lots of time to add license and payment method. Not really a hop on quick service

Multiple UK users of Voi reported issues in purchasing passes:

SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Had been so looking forward to these scooters in LIVERPOOL. Tried to buy a day pass and it kept saying ooops error occurred. Because the app automatically defaults to £39.00 monthly pass I ended up buying one in error.Then tried to use it and found I had to scan my driving license before it will unlock and I didn't have it so couldn't even get to use it.Then found out I've been charged for 2 £5,1 £4, 3 91p&2 £39 so£94.73 for NOTHING.no response from customer support.POOR

Overcharging – 19%: Overcharging by operators was the second most commonly reported issue in October. 

Lime users continue to get charged more, eventhough they have day or monthly passes.

I had a horrible experience with the month pass, i purchased the month pass for $5.99 with 0 unlocking fees. They ended up charging me right after i used it even though i purchased the month pass. Lime is A Total FRAUD!!!!!
How has Lime NOT been sued by now... 14.99 for an all day ride stating rides for 24 hours eh???????? Lies and even worse it's .35 per minute at my location so a 30 minute ride will cost 10.50 plus 1 dollar unlocking fee.. 11.50...... 14.99 the DAILY PASS allows you to ride for 30 minutes only before charging more money..... What a crooked company.... DONT FALL FOR THE DAILY 24 HOUR RIDE PEOPLE ITS A LIE....at least is saw the fine print before I added any money Now I'm just spend time telling!
My friends took the 15$ all day ride and they still got charged. I took the monthly 7$ a month plan and I still get charged more than when I would ride with no plan or day pass. Total scam, do not buy any plans.

I hope that Lime would fix this issue soon, as Lime lost the top spot two months ago because of the issues.

Should you have a refund option when working with Wallets?

Charged me before asking for the driver's license scan. When I refused to shell out my private information, I was still charged. No boilerplate reply about "safety" please. Lime didn't ask for my license. When I tried to submit a message via the in-app help, I got "Message failed to send" every time.

Like the ID verification issue, some users did not understand the concept of placing a ‘hold’ on the credit cards. Operators should explain it in the app that the money is not actually debited.

Would be 5 stars, but they took $20 out on hold for a single ride a month ago, and I'm still fighting to get my refund back. No one seems to be able to help me out.
$25 temporary debit card charge? Are you guys serious?? I took 3 rides and had $75 charge on my account. You've got to be kidding me

Scooter Issue – 16%: The percentage of hardware problems reported by users increased from 12% in September to 16% in October.

A Lime user reported having an accident because of failed brakes

A** broke my arm bc brakes were ass ran into wall to yk lif is great

A Spin user tried ~15 scooters and most of them did not have enough charge.

i am super frustratedb with all the scoots today because every single one which is about 15 of them so far, have you ever been low battery or not working or I can't unlock them and so yes. I am super frustrated today. And I'm late.

Tier continues to have issues with phone holders. This time, one more user broke a phone because of faulty phone holders

Broke my phone Tier har phone holders, driving over a small bump made my Galaxy S10 bump out of the holder, drop off and break badly on the pavement (not driving particularly fast). Otherwise I guess they're good, just don't use the phone holder!

Yulu users reported low battery and poor quality of scooters

I am a regular user, but now the cycle quality is gone to dogs. It's worst. I use it for long distance cycle trails but today at tk falls the the ride ends automatically you just can't book it again cause u aren't under their operating area. In a remote place with no transportation coming back had become one hell of journey. This app is no more user friendly. The call center guy did call but not to arrange my transportation back to my destination but to ask if cycles are parked in safe place.

Customer Support, Cost – 13%: More people found the service expensive in October compared to previous months. Here are some of the comments

Still not get refund lime temp hold... Complained one month before but still not refunded yet. Charges are not fair.. customer services very poor (s.korea)
Tourist level expensive at $4.60+ / 10 min. It's cheaper to just uber or cab. Also prices aren't obvious in the app. Disappointing they can't figure out how to manage business and get costs down. A positive is that customer service refunded me immediately for the 10 mins it took to get the lock working. But the negative is that it took 10 mins and that 10min costs a short uber ride.

Customer Support channels of Bird not up yet, with help chat in the app throwing errors:

Hello to anybody in the Bird customer service team? No? Still nothing? I don't feel like using the word Scam, because they do offer a good service and everything works properly... until it doesn't. And nobody will help you with your problem: no number to call, an useless email address and the chat inside the app that doesn't work (it keeps saying "error" whenever I send a message). In a nutshell, apparently poorly managed company who don't have a care about his customers apart from their money.

Unable Start/End Ride – 11%: Many users reported being unable to start or end their rides in the app. Here are some comments:

A Lime user tried unlocking 7 scooters, but there seems to be a glitch

Wasted 15 mins trying to unlock 7 different scooters, charged for the privilege. Scooters just wouldn't unlock screen appears to loop.

Similar to previous months, Spin continues to have issues with ending rides.

Was unable to end a ride and it charged me over $50 for 3 hours i wasnt using a scooter. Refuse to use one again. Glad someone got their money.
Was unable to end a ride and it charged me over $50 for 3 hours i wasnt using a scooter. Refuse to use one again. Glad someone got their money.

Other Reported Issues:

Issues related to no-go zones, parking zones etc. are common for all operators, with no solution found till date. Scooters stop more than 100m after crossing a no go zone.

It started off good going 20km/hr but then my destination was in a restricted area without me knowing. I ended up getting stuck and couldn't park because of the restriction, so I ended up having to go half the distance back to my original location just stop my ride. I also could only go 8/km back instead of the 20 so it was soo much slower. Then I had to walk back anyway... it was very annoying. 2 suggestions, put a phone dock so I know where the areas are restricted, and/or make it beep.

A Tier user summed up this issue well:

DO NOT USE! Image taking a taxi. The driver taking you home. And then telling you, he/she isn't allowed to drive here, and that if you don't push his/her taxi back to from where you got picked up, you will have to pay until the end of times. Oh - and the taximeter is on for the whole time your pushing the car back to from where you picked it up from. Thats what TIER offers you! You get to pay around 5x for each minute of your ride AND get to walk that same exact route twice!

A new way of scamming e-scooter user, exploiting the fact that a ride cannot be ended when the scooter is on the move?

Horrid. I got off my lime scooter, a man got on and rode away. I couldnt lock it or stop the charged.

What protection do operators have, if the phone battery dies mid-trip? Voi seems to have a feature where the ride auto-ends, if the scooter is stationary for a certain duration. Other operators don’t seem to have any protection in place.

I ran out of phone battery. But the lime had no battery left so couldn't get home to recharge phone to end. Stung me probably an extra $10 after my actual ride. It just sat there with no power to move me but enough power to take my money.
my phone battery died and wind still continued to charged me ridiculous amound! i had to charge my battery and go back to the station to stop it, try to contact the service of wind no one is answering. this will be the last time i will use it, go buy a cheap escooter instead.

But, what happened when you actually stop to say, take pictures and the scooter is stationary?

I got a Voi scooter for a day yesterday. I was driving from one Voi area to another and stopped to take a few pictures. I was NOT ending my ride and when I got back on it, it had turned off. I could not end the ride nor could I resume it. I had to contact customer service (by email!) and when I finally got an answer, I got these "you cannot end nor pause your ride in no no-zone. So I had to carry it for 400 meters. UPDATE: I got 2 euros crwdited, but I must warn others about this "feature".

Note: Data gathered from 150+ Apple and Google app stores across the globe. If interested in more insights on the data collected, do send me a message!

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