Lime continues to have the highest user rating among all scooter sharing companies in the world today! Lime also continues to be the most popular among all. Dott had the highest increase in popularity in December (20%).

Except for hive, average user rating saw negative or near zero growth in December. Winter effects? Ratings for hive increased by 6.6%, but continues to be the lowest!

If, and only if activity in the app stores is any indicator of the market share,Lime, Bird , Spin and Voi Technology hold 88% of the global market share. –> Same as Nov.

Among users in Germany, Lime is the most popular (61%), followed by Voi (18%). In France: Lime – 78%, Bird – 13%

Commonly reported Issues:

  • 🚫 Cannot End Ride
  • 🚫 Overcharged for a ride
  • 🚫 Broken scooters
  • 🚫 Poor Customer Service

Note: Data gathered from 150+ Apple and Google app stores across the globe. If interested in more insights on the data collected, do send me a message!

If I have missed any large Scooter (e-scooters, e-mopeds) operators, do specify!

👉If you are in scooter sharing business, spend some time in analysing user comments of all players. –> A treasure trove that would help you serve better!

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